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Q1 2024 Gift Card Update

Welcome to the TDS Gift Cards quarterly gift card industry and client update, where you can discover the latest gift card industry insights!

TDS Gift Cards announced that it has been acquired by Ziff Davis, a prominent vertically-focused digital media and internet company. 

The partnership marks a new era for TDS Gift Cards, which has long been recognized for its unique approach to global gift card processing and program growth management. With support and resources from Ziff Davis, TDS clients can expect an unprecedented level of support and a wider array of solutions. 

For more information, click here.

Why TDS?

Since 2007, TDS Gift Cards has partnered with some of the world’s most recognizable digital brands to bring their gift card to life. But why have brands chosen TDS as their preferred partner for over 15 years? There are several key factors that set TDS apart from any other company in the industry. 


Proprietary industry-leading Processing and eGifting technology owned and operated by TDS ensures our clients’ gift card programs are cutting-edge, forward-looking, and run efficiently.


TDS has a proven track record of over 15+ years designing strategies and building some of the most successful global gift card programs for leading brands.

Client-Centric Approach

TDS sits on the side of brands to ensure their interests are protected in every negotiation, saving costs, resources, and time while driving sales.

Growth Focus

TDS understands the work only begins when the gift card program launches. TDS annually implements thousands of retail marketing initiatives to maximize product awareness, customer acquisition, and revenue.

Aggregated Global Network

TDS has executed partnerships with gift card retailers and distributors globally, providing our clients instant access to every meaningful digital and physical sales opportunity.

Comprehensive Solution

TDS’ unique approach provides brands with everything they need to implement a successful gift card solution via a single partnership while providing complete visibility and control.

TDS Launches eBay Solution Just in Time for the Holidays

TDS Gift Cards partnered with eBay to bring their gift card program to new customers by launching their customized branded first-party solution last season. Through our partnership, we launched the new eBay solution just in time for Cyber Week, with a comprehensive set of holiday art and a promo offering, just in time for this crucial holiday sales period.

Are you interested in learning how TDS can truly customize your platform user buying experience and streamline your first-party offering? Reach out to us today at

TDS in the Global Gift Card Community

TDS Gift Cards is a proud member and supporter of the global gift card and incentives industries. As a sign of our support, TDS is a member of the above industry organizations.

TDS is involved in these industry organizations across the globe to network with other industry leaders, stay up to date on trends, and bring valuable information and resources to our clients.

Upcoming Events and Sponsorships

Blackhawk Europe Summit – March 20, London, UK

TDS is a sponsor this year’s Blackhawk Europe Summit in London. Let us know if you are attending the event by contacting TDS Director of EMEA, Jay Atkinson.

WiiN Global Networking Event – April 11, Sydney, AU

TDS is excited to be the Lead Sponsor for the WiiN Global Networking Event in Sydney, Australia, this April. Let us know if you are attending by contacting TDS Director of APAC, Julia Chapman.

InComm US Summit – April 15-18, Alpharetta, GA

TDS is a proud sponsor of this year’s InComm US Summit in Alpharetta, GA. TDS is looking forward to meeting with our industry partners.

9th Annual Prepaid Congress – April 23, Berlin, DE

TDS looks forward to attending the 9th Annual Prepaid Congress on 25 April in Berlin.

California Plastic Gift Card Ban Update

The Governor of California vetoed the plastic gift card bill (SB 728) on October 8, 2023. In returning the Bill without signature, the Governor stated he was “concerned that an outright ban without any incentives for compliance will disproportionately impact the state’s small business community…” Newsom further encouraged the Legislature “…to consider alternatives to a statutory, single-products ban to help meet the state’s plastic waste reduction goals”. On January 25, 2024, the bill was stricken from file and the veto was sustained.

TDS Gift Cards offers a unique approach to global gift card processing and program management. The TDS platform is one of the largest networks globally, with over 4M distribution points in over 40 countries. Clients leveraging our global suite of services include Netflix, Uber, DoorDash, Nike, Meta, Airbnb, eBay, Instacart, and more!

For more information, contact us at

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