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Q2 2024 eNewsletter

New Partner Launch: Etsy!

TDS is thrilled to announce that Etsy gift cards are now live!

From well-crafted jewelry to personalized decor, an Etsy gift card invites your loved one to discover a delightful find from an independent seller—just for them. Etsy gift cards are now available online by clicking the button below.

ViX Premium - Now Live!

TDS is excited to announce the ViX Premium gift card has officially launched! Give the gift of the largest Spanish-language streaming service in the world, now available in stores and online in Mexico.

Airbnb: New Gifting Options

Airbnb has partnered with TDS to provide more options than ever before for gifting unforgettable stays and experiences. You can now purchase animated eGift cards or a physical gift card to be mailed to you or a loved one.

Check out all the new options by clicking the button below.

TDS 101: Full-Drain vs. Transactional Gift Cards

Not all gift cards are created equal – a key distinction sets them apart: how they handle your funds. There are two main approaches with gift cards:  full-drain and transactional.

Learn about the critical differences between transactional and full-drain gift cards by reading the latest blog from TDS CEO Jeff Mickeal by clicking the link below.

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Busy Year of Events!

If you think you’ve seen us recently, you probably have! The global TDS team had a busy year so far full of conferences, summits, and other events in the gift card and adjacent industries.

Our summer of events has just kicked off, including several upcoming events.

Tim Pechmann

Co-Founder & COO, TDS Gift Cards

Eric Hall

Sr. Director of Biz Dev, TDS Gift Cards

IMA Summit 2024

TDS Gift Cards is a proud sponsor of the IMA Summit 2024, which will take place July 15-17 in New Orleans, LA. Make sure to visit the silent auction to bid on the ultimate summer picnic kit, and stop by our Company Showcase presented by Tim Pechmann and Eric Hall.

Will you be attending? Reach out to to get connected.

ALA APAC Loyalty Conference

TDS looks forward to supporting the Australian Loyalty Association at its 2024 APAC Loyalty Conference, which will be held from August 7 to 9 in Gold Coast, AU. The conference will feature leading international professionals from top-award-winning loyalty programs sharing their expertise.

Want to connect with us there? Reach out to TDS Director of APAC, Julia Chapman, at

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